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MacMillan Center exhibit showcases Central and Eastern European feminist artists

Kai Nip, Staff Photographer
October 26, 2020

The Yale Daily News published the following article on October 26: 

Amidst authoritarian and illiberal democracies, art often contends with existing social hierarchies. The MacMillan Center’s exhibition about feminist artists and activists from Central and Eastern Europe illuminates the intersection between beauty and radical social commentary. 

The exhibition, titled “Visual Acts of Radical Care: An Exhibition of Feminist Artist-Activists from Central and Eastern Europe,” is presented through an online gallery available through the MacMillan Center’s website. Five female artists are featured in the 3D virtual exhibit: Rufina Bazlova, Andi Galdi Vinko, Alevtyna Kakhidze, Cecylia Malik and Masha Svyatogor. The exhibit explores themes of freedom and art, despair and hope.

In former Soviet bloc countries, “there is no [historical] concept of freedom,” curator Anika Szucs said. “Artists need to envision what freedom looks like, how can we conceptualize freedom in countries where there is no concept of freedom.”

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