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The Russian Corporation

Conference Program

Friday, February 22

Note  Location: Department of Anthropology, 10 Sachem St., Room 105

10:00               Welcome and Introductions, Douglas Rogers (Yale University)

10:15-11:45    Panel I: Early Corporations

Chair: Nikolaos Chrissidis (Southern Connecticut State University)

• Erika Monahan (Dartmouth College), “Board Rooms and Big Steppes: Nicolas Witsen and the VOC in Eurasia”

• Ilya Vinkovetsky (Simon Fraser University), “From Furs to Tea: The Russian-American Company as a Business”

Discussant: Paul Bushkovitch (Yale University)

1:30-3:15        Panel II: Imperial Corporations, Part I

Chair: Steven Nafziger (Williams College)

• Tatiana Iakovleva (Peterhof State Museum-Reserve), “Traders and Law in the Russian Empire After the Great Reforms”

• Sergei Antonov (Yale University), “Rebuilding Russian Capitalism: Rogue Entrepreneurs on Trial in the 1870s”

• Sofya Salomatina (Moscow State University), “Joint-Stock Commercial Banks in the Russian Empire: Deconstruction of the Russian Banking History Discourses”

Discussant: Thomas Owen (Harvard University)

3:45-5:30      Panel III: Imperial Corporations, Part II 

Chair: Sergei Antonov (Yale University)

• Galina Ulianova (Russian Academy of Sciences), “Female Entrepreneurs as Board Directors of the Biggest Russian Joint-Stock Companies, 1870-1900”

• Amanda Gregg (Middlebury College) and Steven Nafziger (Williams College), “The Births, Lives, and Deaths of Corporations in Late Imperial Russia”

• Ella Saginadze (Saint Petersburg State University), “The Economic Policy of the Russian Empire’s Government and the ‘Purely American Development’ of Agriculture in the Caucasus (1894-1917)”

Discussant: Emily Erikson (Yale University)

Saturday, February 23

Note Different Location: Luce Hall, Rm 202, 34 Hillhouse Ave.

10:00-11:45  Panel IV: Soviet Corporations

Chair: Victoria Smolkin (Wesleyan University)

• Adam Leeds (Columbia University), “The First and Lowest Stage of Socialism: The Corporation in the Marxism of the Second International”

• Steven Harris (University of Mary Washington), “Hearts and Minds and Hard Currency: How Aeroflot Defeated Pan Am and Survived the Cold War”

Discussant: David Engerman (Yale University)

1:00-2:45      Panel V: Post-Soviet Corporations, Part I

Chair: Thomas Graham (Yale University)

• Peter Rutland (Wesleyan University), “The Russian Corporation Today: Between Neolibralism and the Security State”

• Susanne Wengle (University of Notre Dame), “Russian Agrifood Corporations as a Force of Change”

• Nina Poussenkova (Russian Academy of Sciences), “Rosneft, a Triple-A Company: Ambitions, Acquisitions, Alliances”

Discussant: Douglas Rogers (Yale University)

3:15-4:30       Panel VI: Post-Soviet Corporations, Part II

Chair: Andrei Semenov (Yale University)

• Dominic Martin (Yale University), “Corporation, Education, and Knowing Your Station: Social Estates Between a Closed City and an Oxbridge College”

• Benjamin Krupp (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign ), “Stop Exercising, Stop Training: The Mutual Making of Russian Bodies and Nike Data”

Discussant: Justine Buck Quijada (Wesleyan University)

4:45-5:45      Concluding Discussion