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Grants and Fellowships for Graduate Students

Yale-Based Opportunities

keggi-berzins fellowships for baltic studies

The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale invite applications for the Keggi-Berzins Fellowships for Baltic Studies. Prizes of up to $1,500 will be awarded to current Yale undergraduates and graduate students for research or language study in or about a Baltic country in the summer. Projects may be conducted in the USA or Europe.

cmes libby rouse fund for peace fellowships

The Council on Middle East Studies invites applications to the Libby Rouse Fund for Peace Fellowship competition from undergraduate students whose work focuses on the countries of Middle East or Central Asia.

fox fellowship

The Fox International Fellowships at the MacMillan Center provide research fellowships through exchanges with several leading international academic institutions, including Moscow State University. A Fox International Fellow’s research should be a serious, scholarly contribution to their chosen field. At the same time, Fox International Fellows should have the kind of maturity and skills which demonstrate leadership potential. The objective of the Fox International Fellowship Program is to identify and help develop potential world-class statesmen and women who may participate in guiding the world toward a peaceful order in the 21st century. The exchange is made possible by the generosity of Joseph Carrere Fox (‘38) and his wife, Alison Barbour Fox, whose commitment to encouraging better understanding between the US and other countries led them to offer support for exchanges between Yale and leading universities worldwide.

european studies council grants for language study

The MacMillan Center invites applications to the European Studies Council Grants for Language Study competition. Awards of up to $3,000 will be awarded to current graduate students at Yale to support intensive structured training in a European language during the summer. Preference will be given to Ph.D. students pursuing area studies dissertation research related to Europe.

The Anna Titherington Nutter Fund

The Anna Titherington Nutter Fund is accepting applications from Yale E&RS MA students for research and travel support on or in Eastern Europe, in honor of Anna Titherington Nutter. The fund is intended to promote the values that Anna strove for in her own work. Preference will be given to applications with a focus on social justice, marginalization, and peace. This award is reserved for current MA students in the E&RS MA program and will accept one or two students for funding up to $3,000.

european union studies grants

The European Union Studies Program of the MacMillan Center invites applications for the European Union Studies Summer Grants from graduate and undergraduate students whose work or research involves the European Union or some aspect of European integration.

macmillan international dissertation research fellowships

The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale announces the availability of guaranteed dissertation research fellowships to support Ph.D. students expecting to be engaged in international research on their doctoral dissertations during Spring 2019, Summer 2019 and academic year 2019-2020. Proposals will be accepted from registered Ph.D. students who have completed all pre-dissertation requirements before the planed travel (the prospectus have to be approved before the funds are released). 

macmillan center pre-dissertation grants

The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies announces the availability of pre-dissertation grants to aid graduate students in their pre-doctoral dissertation research. Applications will be considered from graduate students in international relations, history or the social sciences. The MacMillan Center grants are for exploration of research sources and general feasibility of a proposed topic outside the United States.

Outside Grants and Fellowships

foreign language and area studies fellowships

The goal of the FLAS fellowships is to enhance the international expertise of U.S. nationals. Academic year FLAS fellowships are for Yale undergraduate, graduate and professional school students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, whose academic programs include the study of a foreign language designated as priority by the U.S. Department of Education and whose career plans include teaching, public service or business. (Application submitted through Community Force.)

alfa fellow, professional development in russia

Fully funded year-long professional development program in Russia for emerging leaders from the US, UK, and Germany in the fields of business, media, law, policy, and other related areas.

The Alfa Fellowship Program is a distinguished international initiative that each year offers up to 18 accomplished young Americans, Britons, and Germans the opportunity to complete a high-level professional development program in Russia. Since 2004, the program has enabled over 170 emerging leaders to gain professional experience at leading organizations in business, media, law, policy, and other related areas through this 11-month, fully-funded fellowship in Moscow.

cohen-tucker research dissertation program

Established in 2015, the Cohen-Tucker Dissertation Research Fellowship Program provides annual fellowships, with a maximum stipend of $22,000, for doctoral students at US universities, who are citizens or permanent residents of the US, to conduct dissertation research in Russia. The Program is open to students in any discipline whose dissertation topics are within 19th - early 21st century Russian historical studies.

critical language scholarships

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program offers US undergraduate and graduate students fully-funded intensive summer language institutes in thirteen critical foreign languages, including Russian and Azerbaijani.

fulbright-hays fellowships

Fulbright-Hays fellowships for Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad provide grants to US colleges and universities to fund individual doctoral students who conduct research in other countries.

the diplomacy and diversity fellowship

The Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship is a transatlantic educational program from Humanity in Action. The Fellowship offers 24 American and European graduate students the chance to explore the changing international dynamics of diplomacy and diversity. This program is best suited for young professionals and students in graduate programs in countries such as the United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, and Ukraine.