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Student Organizations

Russian Cultural Club 

The Russian Cultural Club is Yale’s official undergraduate cultural organization for Russian-speaking international students, immigrant and heritage Russian-speakers, and students of Russian and Eastern European cultures alike. In addition to organizing weekly Eastern European dinners in Franklin College, the club coordinates with the Slavic Department, the Russian Studies Project, and other undergraduate and graduate student organizations to organize culture celebrations, screen films, invite guest speakers, and create a space on campus for discussion and the celebration of cultural traditions shared by Russian-speakers. Please visit the Russian Cultural Club website in order to be placed on the undergraduate mailing list or to suggest any potential ideas or partnerships.


YANIS is a Yale graduate and professional school student-led organization that serves the Yale-affiliated Russian-speaking community at large. YANIS works together with the undergraduate Russian Culture Club to put on a semesterly picnic in East Rock Park. In addition, YANIS maintains a pan-list open to all Yale affiliates advertising events primarily for Russian speakers.

Yale Bulgarian Society

The Bulgarian Society at Yale is committed to fostering cultural, political, and historical understanding of the Republic of Bulgaria on campus. The Bulgarian Society meets regularly for holiday celebrations as well as delicious meals of Bulgarian cuisine.

Yale Polish Students’ Society

The Polish Students’s Society at Yale is an organization uniting all Polish people associated with Yale university as well as promoting Polish culture among all community members at Yale. We aim to celebrate Polish heritage of both Polish students studying abroad in the United States as well as those with Polish-American backgrounds. We welcome all undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates to come to our weekly dinners and special events, which include meetings with guest speakers, food tasting, theater evenings, and movie screenings.

Bulgarian Folk Dancing Club

Learn Bulgarian dances with the Grad Student Folk Dancing Club! It’s fun, easy, completely free, and requires no commitment or prior experience. New participants may join at any time, and all members of the Yale community are welcome, not just grad students. Meetings during the 2017 fall term are on (most) Sundays from 6:00 to 7:00 pm in GPSCY Ballroom, 204 York Street. 

Yale Slavic Chorus

The Yale Slavic Chorus is a performance group comprised of women from a variety of cultural and academic backgroundswho share a common passion for Slavic music. The Chorus sings a diverse repertoire that spans the traditions of Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia, among others. Though many members of the Chorus are not native speakers of Slavic languages, the Yale Slavic Chorus works extensively with native folk musicians and vocalists to practice accurate pronunciation and style.

Although primarily an undergraduate group, the Slavs, as we are affectionately known around Yale’s campus, also include other members of the Yale community. The Slavic Chorus has always been dedicated to maintaining musical vigor and excellence, seeking to empower women through song.


Yale Russian Chorus

The Yale Russian Chorus is a tenor-bass a cappella choral ensemble specializing in sacred and secular Slavic choral music. Chorus members are Yale University students from a variety of academic disciplines. Founded in 1953 by Denis Mickiewicz, a Yale student at the time, the YRC is recognized as one of the world’s premier performance ensembles of Slavic music today.