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Bradley Woodworth

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Baltic Studies Program Manager

Bradley D. Woodworth is Program Manager of Baltic Studies at Yale University and Assistant Professor of History at the University of New Haven.  His research interests include the modern history of the Baltic region – particularly the lands that comprise the Republic of Estonia – and also the history of the multiethnic Russian Empire in the tsarist period, including Finland.  He is co-editor (with Karsten Brüggemann) of Russland an der Ostsee. Imperiale Strategien der Macht und kulturelle Wahrnehmungsmuster (16. bis 20. Jahrhundert / Russia on the Baltic:  Imperial Strategies of Power and Cultural Patterns of Perception (16th-20th Centuries) (Cologne, 2012).  His most recent articles include “Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim,” in Russia’s People of Empire: Life Stories from Eurasia, 1500 to the Present, edited by Stephen M. Norris and Willard Sunderland (Bloomington, 2012); “Music Associations and National Identity in Russia’s Baltic Provinces: The Case of Tallinn, 1850-1914,” in Vereinskultur und Zivilgesellschaft in Nordosteuropa. Regionale Spezifik und europäische Zusammenhänge, edited by Jörg Hackmann (Cologne, 2012); and “Multiethnicity and Estonian Tsarist State Officials in Estland Province, 1881-1914,” in Russian Bureaucracy and the State: Officialdom from Alexander III to Putin, edited by Donald K. Rowney and Eugene Huskey (Basingstoke, 2009).